Football Betting Systems – Are They Any Good Or Should I Try Other Things?

Kids say the darndest things and when you are coaching youth football some of the things your youth football players say are jewels that bring a smile to your face and even go into long term memory. As many of you may know the University of Nebraska has fired their head coach, Bill Callahan and are now in the process of looking for a new head coach. That process is in the news here in a big way here to put it mildly.

Tom Osbornes every move and comment as Athletic Director is chronicled, analyzed and debated to the atomic level. Everyone wants to be clued in on who the candidates are. Every plane passenger coming in and out of Lincoln Nebraska is being scrutinized for coaching candidates much like security scanning for Arab terrorists. In other words, it’s big news here, you can’t escape it, speculation is rampant as to who the next coach for the Cornhuskers will be.

This weekend one of my own children suggested to me that I should be the next head coach for the Huskers. In all sincerity, they told me I should apply and that I would do a great job. After laughing so hard I nearly coughed a lung up, I thought it was great that one of my kids thought so highly of my coaching skills that they felt I would be qualified to coach a College team that has the third most wins in NCAA College Football history. I went on to explain to them the qualifications of a college football coach and why I was not qualified to coach the team. I also explained the huge time commitments required, as most of the coaches around here work from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm and that working those type of hours would mean missing out on a lot of the special things we do together. After mulling it over, my child said “Dad I think you should just stick to coaching the Eagles”.

It seems my own child is not the only one with the same opinion. Here is an e-mail received this Monday from one of my youth football parents:


After hearing the news on Saturday, XXX is of the opinion that you should be the next Nebraska Head Coach. I asked him how that would work, since you also were coaching the Screaming Eagles. He said that would be no problem, you already coach two teams, so one more should not be a problem.

Should I let Coach Osborne know you are interested?


You can’t buy these kind of moments, youth football kids you got to love them. One of the benefits of coaching kids are the laughs and memories you get from impressionable young people. But on a more serious note, if your youth football players think as highly of you as your own children, you have a huge responsibility to be a great role model. Your players eyes are on you every moment you are on the field and don’t think they aren’t paying attention to you off the field as well. I still remember the names of my youth football coaches and carry around memories of those days in mind to this day. I can’t seem to remember my computer passwords or the entry code to the garage lock, but I can remember my youth football playing days. Don’t think your players won’t be in the same shoes 35 years from now.

All the Oman Football Association (OFA) members and board of directors, with the exception of two, have submitted their resignation to the Minister of Sports Affairs, Ali bin Masoud Al Sunaidi on the 26/12/2006. Two members, who were not present at the board meeting, are yet to submit their resignation.

The resignation of the OFA members comes in the wake of the below par performances of our national soccer teams in its different age categories. The resignation was called upon by the general public and some 17 regional clubs. As a result, an extraordinary general meeting was held on 18-12-2006.

To me it looks like the members of the Omani Football Association were fearful of the extraordinary general assembly and the possible resulting embarrassment, hence have opted to resign instead of being sacked.

There are a few questions, however, in and around this OFA resignation mainly, is it the right timing for such an action to be called upon ? What will be the impact of the resignation on our participation in the Gulf Cup in Abu Dhabi ? Who will be the new chairman of the OFA ? Was H.E. Ali Al Sunaidi correct in scheduling an extraordinary meeting in this particular period ? What is the real motive behind this group resignation ?

Only a few days after writing an article about the responsibilities of different entities towards the overall well being of football in Oman (refer to ), where I have made clear that the Omani Football Association has been the main culprit in victimizing soccer in Oman, we were stunned by the news of this group resignation by the board members of the OFA. Although it has been called upon for quite a long time by the general public, the timing of the resignation is somewhat ข่าวบอล  awkward and could cause further debacle to the already underperforming soccer national team.

Resignation reasons that we have been told

More than 17 clubs and the general public have been asking for such a resignation due to the recent performance of the OFA.

Hidden motives

In my opinion, the board members were fearful of being sacked as a result of the extraordinary general meeting and hence have opted to resign. They are aware that they have taken football in Oman back to the dark days with their miss planning and disorganization and, knowing that they only seek easy solutions, perhaps discovered that there isn’t an easy way back.

Impact of the resignation on out national soccer team

No matter how much we like to deny it, surely there will be some impact, albeit minimal, on our participation in the Gulf Cup which will be held in Abu Dhabi on the 17th of January of 2006. This resignation has solved the disorganization with an even bigger disorganization.

New Omani Football Association chairman ?

I, like many others believe that H.H Shihab bin Tariq Al Saeed, current president of Al Seeb club, is the most appropriate and if it does not materialize for one reason or another then it is suggested that the job be assigned to someone who has some football background.


Firstly, I believe that H.E Ali Al Sunaidi got the timing of the general meeting wrong given that the Gulf Cup is only 3 weeks away. In my opinion, he should have waited until the conclusion of the Gulf Cup before taking any action to spare the soccer team and us this debacle, especially that there are around 5 months between the latter cup and the Asian Cup 2007 that would have proved more than enough for this reformation.

Secondly, I believe that the defunct members of the OFA board realized that they will be under more fire had they waited until the conclusion of the Gulf Cup, perhaps anticipating another below par performance from the football team.

Thirdly, I hope this situation does not get milked by the new OFA members should the national soccer team fail to live up to the nation’s expectations in the Gulf Cup, 2007.

Last but not least, I deeply hope that the same mistakes are not repeated when selecting the new members of the OFA. The association needs fresh blood, ones that are knowledgeable in football. Ones that question and critique our national head coach, especially when the national team prepares for future tournaments by playing friendly matches against third and fourth division Czech clubs while other countries like UAE, Qatar and Kuwait play the likes of Brazil and Portugal.

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